Geolocation and Analysis of Operation Inherent Resolve Syria and Iraq Airstrike Videos

Geolocation and analysis of videos posted on the YouTube channel CJTF Operation Inherent Resolve

Links will be added by the Bellingcat team over a period of days in date order to allow time for each set of videos to be geolocated and verified.

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@ 30s Police station near Tal Afar @ 57s Qayyarah
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about 6km north of Hawija TS (2013):,35.38528885837851,43.77726674079895,35.390012082784736

Other useful OSINT information:
- a big house near an orchard between the villages of al-Maṣanʻa and Faḍīkha, according to local media;
- 7km north of Hawija, according to CJTFOIR.
Unfortunately, most recent freely available satellite imagery is from 2013.


There's a compass pointer visible, but note it changes orientation at 0:20 when the scene changes.

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~20 km SE of Shaddadi was near Al Hasakah in the official "Strike Release" geolocated here
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on the Iraqi side of the border (Jāyar Ghalfās) geolocated here