Tunisian Jihadist Claim to Have Assassinated 2 Tunisian Opposition Leaders in 2013, But Where Are They?

The following video was uploaded yesterday featuring Tunisian Jihadists who claim to have assassinated 2 Tunisian Opposition Leaders in 2013.


Some people have claimed they are currently fighting with ISIS in Syria, but using this video is it possible to find their exact location?

Tunisian Jihadist video

Eliot Higgins

Another composite of the start of the video when they walk on before the interview http://i.imgur.com/6A35RK0.jpg

Eliot Higgins

Composite image showing a clearer view of the background http://i.imgur.com/CnldBMg.png

Eliot Higgins

Building in the background at the start of the video might be identifiable


Tower on the background at 4:09. http://imgur.com/cgpBVo8

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