Geolocation of Russian Buk convoy driver's last transport.

On 23 June 2014 a military convoy left Kursk, that transported Buk 3x2, the Buk that very likely is the same one that downed MH17 on 17 July 2014. That convoy arrived 25 June 2014 in Millerovo and one of the truck drivers, who transported Buk 232, did the last equipment transport during his military service on 28 June 2014.

On 29 June 2014 he uploaded the last photo of the truck that he was the driver of (with license '6902 HH 50'), the photo very likely has been taken in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky or nearby, as his transport order mentions Kamensk-Shakhtinsky as destination (from Millerovo to Kamensk-Shakhtinsky and back).

However, despite the fact the photograph obviously was taken on a smaller road near a railroad, we didn't succeed yet in geolocating the photograph. The shape of the electricity pole on the left side of the photo is not usual for Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, and the road gives an impression it is a more rural area. Likely a gravel road leads from this road to or near the railroad.

A photograph of 28 June shows the M4 highway right before the turn-of in the direction of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky and Donetsk (Russia) and a 2 July photo shows a turn-of from the M4 highway back to Millerovo, so almost certainly the 29 June 2014 photo was taken in or near Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

It's not crucial to know the exact location, but it would be good to verify the location is indeed Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, this to make clear that drivers of the 23-25 June 2014 convoy that transported Buks to Millerovo, also transported (other) military equipment to the Russia-Ukraine border.


The location that one of our team members found in Millerovo, is the same location Slozhny points out, and very well could be the right location. As usual objects far away on the photograph seem much more nearby (roll crane and floodlight tower). We can try to find some photos of this area to confirm it indeed is this location. It means the photos were not uploaded in the right order, because some photos uploaded earlier make clear he was on it's way to Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.