Geolocation and Analysis of Russian Ministry of Defence Syria Airstrike Videos

In light of the inaccurate descriptions from the Russian Ministry of Defence about their airstrikes in Syria this project aims to geolocate and analyse the videos of airstrikes in Syria posted by the Russian Ministry of Defence. Once videos are geolocated it will be possible to search for further information from local groups in the areas bombed about what was bombed, which groups are operating in the area, and any other additional relevant information.

Feb 1st - Destruction of Russian aviation columns of heavy trucks with ammunition in District ALEPPO

Russian aviation liquidated a column of heavy trucks with munitions near Aleppo

Dec 25th - The destruction of the territory of SR cluster of automotive engineering terrorists carrying petroleum products

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I'll say that's verified, mainly because the details given are so vague, but it might be the convoy didn't have oil trucks in it, so that could change based on further research.


Video 2 from the ground:


Video 1 from the ground:


The bombs hit at around 36°24'28.98"N 37° 9'11.63"E. Road features from the left of the frame as a comparison.

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Elimination of conentration of oil transporting vehicles